Silvie Lehmann

Diploma in Translation & Interpreting

Approved by the Canton of Zurich for the working languages German and English

Silvie was born and raised in the Black Forest, South Germany by Swiss parents. As her mom and dad worked for an international organization, she grew up speaking English, German and Swiss-German.


In 1992 she graduated from „Hebel Gymnasium" in Lörrach and in 1997 finished her studies in "Translation and Interpreting" at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Germany.


Ever since, she lectured and translated for various translation agencies as a freelancer. In 2010 she was approved and enlisted by the Supreme Court of the Canton of Zurich as an interpreter at the court, police stations, for public prosecutors, notary public and civil registry offices.


Tim Carr, Programmer, Ontario, Canada:

Fantastic service and excellent linguistic skill. Silvie's strength is taking the time to understand what's really required in order to make sure the process is smooth.

Dorothea Gebauer, Leiterin Kommunikation Teach Beyond, Lörrach, Deutschland:

Wendig, schnell, freundlich und professionell!

Sam Tinson, Marketing & PR for Bentley, Disentis, Switzerland:

I've shown your sample translation to Simon and Benedict (co-founder and CEO zai Ski) and they both say it is "top notch".

Ken Tsay, Taipeh/Berlin:

The service was "excellent". she was very precise, thoughtful and professional. The most important is: she cares for her clients.